At North Woods Capital Benefits, we know that your Human Resources (HR) needs depend on the size and complexity of your business, along with your unique objectives.  As such, we have designed several HR consulting service models in order to bring experienced, results-driven, strategic HR solutions to your business, whatever your size.  Our goal is to provide a proactive approach to HR to improve your bottom line, motivate your employees and mitigate external risks. 
Available HR consulting services are divided into 3 categories, based on your needs:
1) Proactive HR Consulting (designed for small and mid-sized businesses without an HR department)
We become your HR Department.  In addition to being on-call when the need arises, we conduct regular calls and meetings throughout the year to proactively address changing regulations, company policies, postings, liabilities, and any other relevant best practices. 
2) On-Demand Hourly Consulting (designed for larger organizations to address specific needs and/or support the existing HR team)
When highly sensitive or time-consuming issues arise, we are available to supplement your existing staff to bring resolution to critical HR challenges.  Our expertise and role as an objective third party, allow us to offer strategic HR leadership to maximize efficiencies in business operations for larger organizations. 
3) Project Based HR Services (for specifically defined HR projects)
Whether your organization is in need of training, employee handbooks, an HR Audit, or larger initiatives such as leadership development, our project-based services can be tailored to achieve your specific business objectives.
The following is an overview of the areas of HR consulting expertise we offer.
• Comprehensive HR Compliance Audits
• Wage and Hour Compliance and Annual Updates
• Policies, Procedures and Handbooks
• Workplace Investigations
• Employee Absences
• Discipline and Termination
• Discrimination and Retaliation Complaints
• Labor Relations and Union Contract Negotiation
• Performance Management
• Compensation
• Organizational Design (within HR and Company-Wide)
• Employee Benefits and Pension, including Section 125 Plan Document Preparation
• Workforce Engagement
• Training and Development (employee and management)
• Workplace Safety and Compliance
• Recruitment and Hiring
• Employee Communications


A more detailed listing of our HR Services offerings can be obtained by contacting Barrett Wadsworth at [email protected] or (716) 322-5221 extension 3.


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