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Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Compliance are increasingly complex and often daunting undertakings, and yet it is incredibly important that they be handled properly.  A few percentage points difference in Employee Benefits costs can be the difference between hiring or firing the next employee, good HR can make or break employee efficiency, and Compliance problems can be increasingly expensive and time-consuming.  North Woods can help to turn these areas into competitive advantages, not distractions, for your business.

In both of these practice areas, our mission is to help clients of all sizes navigate these complexities in order to both control costs, and to maximize long-term savings.

Specializing in new start ups

Hit the ground running

While the full scope of forming a new company extends well beyond the realm of employee benefits, we have developed relationships with qualified professionals in various fields in order to provide a “one-stop shop” for getting your new business off the ground.

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